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14 July 2020 @ 02:41 pm

Friends Only

(sort of)

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21 January 2008 @ 08:03 pm
You want to know what's weird? So 10 minutes ago I was watching a vlog of someone I'd subscribed to on the YouTube and randomly clicked one of those "recommended video" things at the end of the video. Who do I see in video? My friggin' best friend from middle school. Weird ass shit. When I knew her (back when we were 11/12), she already had major problems, losing her virginity at 11 and already developing a serious drinking problem. By the time she was 19 she already had two kids and she got married at 20 (although I guess the marriage only lasted a few months). She's apparently "ana" too now, with tons of weight loss videos and "thinspiration" shit. I thought that was pretty lulz-worthy. Anyway, it's just a small internet world.

Happy MLK day!
04 November 2007 @ 01:12 pm
So I think I've finally made my decision on who I'm going to be supporting in the Presidential elections next year. This is a decision I made after a lot of research, frustration, and serious debates with myself and others. I do think this person does have what I think the country needs right now though.

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31 October 2007 @ 10:07 pm
I suppose I should give a little update, not that too much is happening. INCREDIBLY busy, my senior year is. Project after project, a desperate search for an internship and a little bit of a social life mixed in.

My cat died a couple of weeks ago, which really rocked me. I'd never really lost a pet before (I had a couple of cats die when I was very young, and we had an old cat die 5 years ago, but she and I were mortal enemies). I wasn't home when he died, so it's going to be tough for me to go home and realize he's actually gone forever. My mom said next time I come home we're going to go pick out a little grave for him (we have him buried in our back yard, I couldn't bear to have him cremated).

Oh, and the Sox won the World Series. AGAIN. My crush on David Ortiz continues to blossom.
07 September 2007 @ 06:31 pm
I love "Little House on the Prairie". Like, a ridiculous and embarrassing amount. The cheesier the episode, the better.
14 March 2007 @ 11:16 pm

stupid_free is full of love. Thank you for bestowing these lovely granny panties on me. ILU.

As you may or may not have noticed (as no one reads this) I haven't been posting a lot lately. Life is too busy. I actually made a new journal with a kickass name that I might be using as my "real" journal from now on. I'll link to it when I get it all set up.
01 October 2006 @ 11:51 pm
I've decided to sell my right kidney for the price of a plane ticket to Vegas for Vegoose this year. Fiona Apple, Ben Folds AND Guster playing on the same day? AND The Killers and Jurassic 5 the day before that? Is this "put all of Shannon's favorite people in one place at the same time" day?

If they book Steve Burns to play I'm willing to give up half my liver as well.
27 September 2006 @ 10:39 pm
I'm crying like a baby watching the 20-20 Terri Irwin interview/trying to study for advertising/talking to my best friend on the phone ALL at the same time.

That's skill people.
13 September 2006 @ 05:51 pm
I'm having a good day. I have no idea why, but all of a sudden I'm in a very good mood. It's one of those moods where you feel like walking around outside and smiling at everyone.

Anyway, I haven't updated this...well at all. In the past few months I've been getting ready for school, and now that I'm back at school I, of course, have a lot of course work to do.

I've been vexeling quite a bit more recently as well. Here's what I'm working on at the moment. Believe it or not this little bit has taken almost 3 days:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And I'm back at WoW as well. I have a brand new main character called Celoria. She's a night elf priest. I've been PVPing her like crazy.

So that's my life right now. A bit of the same old stuff.
20 July 2006 @ 12:23 pm
This is kind of weird - I discovered a cousin I didn't know I had on DeviantArt.

I guess we're only related by marriage (she's my recently deceased uncle's niece), but I still thought it was kind of neat. She's a 17 year old BDSM enthusiast, so not exactly the kind of person I'd hang out with on a regular basis, but...yeah.

The other day we had a huge storm (sort of a common theme this summer) with quarter sized hail. As soon as the rain started I ran upstairs to close my windows when I heard a really loud thumping noise. Yup, chunks of ice slamming into everything, including the cars. They suffered a couple of dents, but nothing major.

Excitement excitement.